Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday's Answers

Congrats to dev, the winner of this week's Friday trivia. Dubs was the only other person to try to answer all of them - though she e-mailed her answers to me and got 0.86666/10.0 points. Penis with ears - way to give it a try. The answers:

1. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
2. James Darnell with 4.
3. Delaware
4. Kansas City Chiefs.
5. a. free coffee for life
b. the Marlboro Man ad in Times Square
c. Underwear ad
6. Lake Baikal in Southern Russia
7. 1688 in England when James II was deposed and William and Mary of Orange were asked to come rule.
8. Subway
9. The capitol of Djibouti is Djibouti (don't try to tell me I've never had a coke before)
a. Gaffney
b. Washington, DC
c. LaGrange, GA
d. Atlanta, (specifically Mableton)
e. Columbia (Irmo)
f. Greenville
g. Raleigh (Garner), NC
h. Lewisville
i. Columbia (Springdale)
j. Greensboro

BONUS: As of Friday it had been 461 days since Clemson last beat South Carolina in football.

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smart neck said...

way to go dev

Trivia is not my thing

Keep the trivia coming General