Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No more foolin' around Odom

Time for Odom and the USC Men's Basketball team to step up! Or question that keeps coming up ---Will Odom be fired if USC doesn’t make it to the Big Dance this season?---will have to be addressed by USC. A significant portion of the fan base has already turned on Odom, despite the fact he’s compiled four 20-win seasons in Columbia and won two NIT titles.

Yeah we beat UC-Irvine the other night but look-y what is ahead --- the SEC portion of the schedule. So is it NCAA or bust for Dave-y boy? Possibly.

I am one and I think the crew here at LOHD is growing tired of Dave-y. We feel it is time to explore other options at the head coach position for the USC Men's Basketball team.

I can assure you Athletic Director Eric Hyman hasn’t given Odom any “NCAA or Bust” ultimatum. Hyman doesn’t operate that way. Even if his New Year's message was that he "expects the men's and women's basketball team to make the NCAA tournament every year." AS ANY INTELLIGENT AD SHOULD. Odom will not be fired before the end of the season, unless a total meltdown occurs, which I don’t expect to happen. Like most athletic directors, Hyman conducts a full review of the program after the season and then makes his decisions in regards to coaches, etc. Besides wins and losses, there are financial considerations as well that Hyman must think about. Buying out the contract of a Division I head coach typically isn’t cheap and it won’t be for Odom either. Who could USC get to come to Columbia and take over?

There’s no doubt pressure on Odom to win more basketball games....seriously he has had all the time in the world to build a program or find another hidden gem.

The men’s team is 7-5 with two winnable non-conference games remaining against Radford and UNC-Asheville before SEC play begins on Jan. 9. The first five conference games will set the tone for the rest of 2008. So continue to watch to see if USC will get off to a good start in the conference or let the negative vibes surrounding the program mount. I guess first we must see if USC beats Radford (4-9) tonight so Odom can get win #400 or better yet so USC simply puts aonther X in the win column and avoids another let down.

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Anonymous said...

In six years under Odom the Gamecocks have been to the NCAA tournament just once, which is above par for a program that in 99 years has been to the Big Dance eight times.