Monday, January 29, 2007

Gamecocks over the "Hump?"

What has gotten into these kids? Two wins in a row? A recent win over MSU at "The Hump" and earlier in the week a win over Ar-Kansas. The Gamecocks snapped a five-game losing streak and now are on a two game winning streak. This is the same team that lost consecutive games by....well let's just say a lot. South Carolina (12-7, 2-4 SEC) has a chance to get its season back on track.
Next up - USC hosts Auburn on Wednesday and is at Alabama on Saturday. Each team has a losing conference record and USC is 2-0 against the SEC West.

Are they trying to 'play' into getting a NIT bid again? Is a 3-peat on their minds? OR is this just a fluke and the team will return to lop-sided losses soon enough?

I am holding out hope that a "light switch" was turned ON with this team....what do you guys think?

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Konate's daddy said...

SC's hoops will all depend on Kelley's knee. If he can hold up for the rest of the season and play on a health knee, we might have a shot for a 3 NIT championship.