Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Going Bowl-ling...

A look at the Bowl Projections from ESPN as of Nov. 13th.

Meineke Car Care (Big East or Navy vs. ACC)

Navy vs.Clemson
*** Navy has accepted the invitation.

AutoZone Liberty (C-USA No. 1 vs. SEC No. 6)

Houston vs. South Carolina

At the other end of the spectrum, it looks today like the winner of Ohio State-Michigan will play the winner of USC-Notre Dame in the national championship.

South Carolina has work to do, no question about that. It needs to beat Middle Tennessee this week and then knock off Clemson the week after if it wants something other than the lowest tier bowl. Two wins might get the Gamecocks as high as the Nashville game against a pretty good ACC (No. 5) team such as Maryland.


Anonymous said...

i hope CU wears all purple again for the bowl game...

Anonymous said...

Jeff Bowden ---gone

Moose said...

Jeff B. Done at FSU

Bobby Knight slapping kids

Steve talking crap about the SEC refs.

Not alot to report on these days

MTSU is a quality team, they almost beat Clemson out of the 25th spot this week in the polls.

Anonymous said...

what is the food choice for this game??? Kegs and eggs?

wtysux said...

we really need 7.....really!