Friday, September 08, 2006

Drink, Drink fight a dawg

On the eve of Carolina’s home game, the liquor has been bought, the food is being planned, and the friends are coming into town. What more could you ask for, well a Gamecock win would be nice. The UGA game is always one of my favorite games of the year, it is early in the year, and it has such a impact on the season. Granted Georgia fans are the worst, usually all decked out in sweaty red shirts looking for a fight. Just like a couple years ago when Gay Jay(greatest football player to ever live) got his ass kicked down in Athens while Penny and I were downing Jagar bombs in a bar below ground. Where I used a couple UGA fans as a pillow as I decided to roll down a flight of stairs. Good times. I can only hope that tomorrow goes as well.

Predictions for the game.

Carolina- 17

UGA- 13

Clemson- 28

BC – 14

Ohio State- 14

Texas- 17

UNC- 7

VT- 21

And in our weekly shit talking about playing a two man football game

LJ/Lee- 50

Billy/Tyler- 48

Even thought Billy can run a 4.7 forty and Tyler's 4.5 speed is a tough match.


Joey C. said...

I'm going to have to go with Tyler/Billy over LJ/Lee due to the height difference.

Anonymous said...

Joey you are a ass kisser

A-dubs said...

I go with LJ/ not tell Billy!

Anonymous said...

i'd go with tom tom cause he's my boy and and he would get angry and go "arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahrrrrrrrrrra ahrh rha hr hr haahaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh i'm angry tom tom" and the score board would explode into a thousand pieces... Ps is tick coming down my hand is shaking for a corkie!!!!!

John Fox

Moose said...


tick is coming down tonight and will be at the game tomorrow.


Joey C. said...

Hey anonymous, kiss my ass!

General Malaise said...

I would like to point out to LJ and the rest of the hanger ons that as much as they would like to win in a game of football, that because they are slower, shorter, and not as athletically gifted, they would lose badly.

I know, maybe we should have an eating contest ... no wait, we would win that too

Anonymous said...

have you seen tom tom put down the tuna????/?

Chicken of the Sea