Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2 days away

The question of the week, should I place a wager on the USC/ Auburn game. 14 points is a pretty nice spread, the people in Vegas must have been out of the country last when these two teams met last year. Here is a little run down of there offensive and Defense lines. If anything stands out just let me know.


LT- King Dunlap (6-9 321 Jr.)
LG- Ben Grubbs (6-3 314 Sr. )
C Joe Cope ( 6-1 272 Sr.)
RG Tim Duckworth ( 6-4, 310 Sr.)
RT Jonathan Palmer (6-5 318 sr)


DE Marquies Gunn (6-4 268 Sr,)
NG Josh Thompson (6-0 295 Jr.)
DT Sen’Derrick Marks (6-4 287 RFr.)
DE Quentin Groves ( 6-4 254 JR.)

Check out King Dunlap and his back up Oscar Gonzalez ( 6-7 294 RFr.) Who our the Cocks team is going to get past those two guys.


penny said...

wow, check this out


Moose said...

Man TO is crazy,

question of the day

who needs more attention?

Gary Grey

Anonymous said...

he is just mis-understood...not crazy....

Moose said...

Correction Anonymous,

He is crazy as hell, he is crazier then Mike Davis in a room full of white women drinking creek water.