Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The problem with working with people?

I am usually pretty easy to get along with, but some times people just piss me off. Usually while driving, but that is a different blog. First of all, if you can’t park you car, just leave it running and let a homeless black man steal it. It would be a lot easier for all of us, instead of sitting in the parking garage at 7:55 waiting for you to back your mini-Van into a compact car spot.

2nd- If I make small talk with you in the elevator, act like you care for the 30 second ride to your floor. There is no music to cover up the dead silence so it is better to speak. Example yesterday, I step onto the elevator and Chris the IT guy is standing there.

Me: What is going on?
Chris: No much
Me: how did you break your arm?
Chris: I don’t know what you are talking about
ME: I guess you are just getting ready for football season ( big Clemson fan-orange cast on his arm)
Chris: What are you talking about?

Doors open on our floor, I say under my breath, Jack ass

Chris: I broke my figure, it that what you wanted to know.

That is all you had to say.

So this starts me into a downward spiral of sending hate all over the office, HR lady calls me a tells me that corporate HR has turned down my application for education reimbursement due to the face my receipt looks like a fake. I let Maria who barely speaks English have it on the phone for about 10 minutes. I gave her an ear full about Hispanics working in HR, should be able to speak English to SC having the highest rise in Hispanic population since 2000.


ritch said...

great post, so you will be job hunting soon?

Moose said...

If I could only find the perfect job, I would.

Joey C. said...

At least you weren't speaking to an HR representative in India! (Sorry, Dev)

Moose said...

Ok, I did a little more research on the HR guy and his broken fingers. So I went up to the recepionist desk and said hey, I was wondering if you had hard what chris did to his arm. She said, I don't know but he is being really sketchy about. I asked him the other day and he just walked off and said don't worry about it. Well this really gets me going, so I go find his girlfriend which works in the office as well. She tells me that he hasn't talked to her since it happened and he wouldn't tell her. I wonder what he did that he is to embarrased to tell.